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Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission

The mission of AIMS is to make quality higher education accessible and affordable so that more and more students can pursue there dreams. It’s a mission which we believe will help the lower and middle income group parents to think about their children to opt related studies in this profession, to make their career successful and also to fill up the gap of “demand and supply” between “Hotel Industry” and “Hotel Professionals”.

Our Vision

At the center, our vision is value-defined by our students and those who employ them. A professionally oriented education with an international prospective helps prepare the students to achieve and succeed in the global marketplace. Atleast 80% of AIMS students shall be provided international exposure in hospitality sector like 5 Star / 4 Star hotels, Speciality Restaurant Chains, Fast Food Chains or any Catering Sector. In this process already we have achieved the success and very soon we will reach the goal.